The Willow and the Flame

Two brothers are forced to grow up fast when a foreign war lands on their front step. Kael and his adopted brother Tori follow their own paths to learning what it means to become men when they’re torn apart and confronted with wildly different destinies: Kael is shown to be an heir to a far off throne, while Tori simply must learn what it means to be non-human in a world that refuses to accept him for what he is.

They’re join on their adventure by their school friends: Mellinda, who has her own idea of what kind of a man Kael should be, and has ideas on ho to shape him into a worthy king, Dannin, a wizard trainee who would sacrifice his future to please his teachers, and Eyrenae, the daughter of the mayor, whose love of Tori is almost as great as her love of adventure.

Together they find out what it means to grow up, the prices paid, and what is lost, and found, along the way.

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