Galactica Revised

Great show, bad ending.

I’m not going to be topical and write about Game of Thrones, since I haven’t read the books or watched the show.  Instead I’m going to write about another show, one from 2004.  

Battlestar Galactica.


I mean, who doesn’t trust that face…

I’m old enough to remember the original series.  I was a Star Trek fan, but I had to admit that the Cylon fighters had some serious style.  Otherwise, the series was pretty much crap.

The ‘reboot’ in 2004 turned out to be one of the best Sci-Fi shows ever shown on television.  Except the end.  Which was baffling in its near ineptitude.

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 14

Girls can really confuse an eager mind…

Cepheid’s voice was quiet.  “Gwendolyn, are you awake?”

Jones opened one eye.  She was strapped down in her bunk.  “You damn well know all my vitals, Cepheid.”

“Yes.  Of course.”

Jones unbuckled her restraint and sat up.  “I always had trouble sleeping in low-g anyway.”  She stretched her arm across her chest and rolled her shoulder, eliciting a deep popping.  “What do you want?”

Cepheid said, “I mentioned before, you gave me much to think about.”


“And,” Cepheid, said, “you are right.  I should extend my obligation to respect life.”
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Jovian Shadows : Episode 13

Everyone has their “HAL” moments…

Doctor Doe was in the sick bay.  She stood next to the sleek silver tube that contained the remains of captain Zacharias Broadsky.  The coffin hadn’t yet been loaded into a torpedo tube for “burial at sea” as they called it.

It was pretty typical of the officers to sign a will that included such a clause.  Many of them figured their families didn’t want to see what had happened to their bodies.

Some genetic material would be sent to them, a plaque, and a flag.  They would join the ranks of the honored dead, and the corporation would compensate the families based on the rank of the officer.

Doe wasn’t sure if Broadsky had any family.  She never asked, and never looked it up in the records.  Wasn’t any of her business.  She never wanted personal details of her patients, especially on a warship.

A machine behind her squawked in a staccato poem of beeps and aggravation.  She turned around and examined the chart.

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 12

I know I’m mixing up my ‘red alerts’ and ‘general quarters’ and ‘battle stations’ and all- but if any of you are naval types and want to correct my nomenclature, I’m all ears.

“Captain on the bridge!”

Castaneda made a beeline for the captain’s chair.  Harmon stood up and sat in the XO spot.

“Status.”  She still had the eye patch on, and the side of her face was red, with a nasty dark line crossing her skin from her cheekbone to her ear.

“Enemy closing fast, they will be in ideal ‘wave range in an hour.  Missiles are standing by for your order.”

Castaneda said, “Sound general quarters.”

Harmon turned to tactical control.  “Red alert, all hands to battle stations.”

Al-Aziz said, “Aye aye, red alert.”

The lights on the bridge went red, and an alert klaxon could be heard buzzing on the far ends of the ship.

How long,” the captain said, “before they’re a threat?”

“They have a few cobbled together maser and laser banks, not much to worry about until they’re at close range,” said Harmon.  “We’ll peel them like potatoes long before that.”
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Jovian Shadows : Episode 11

It seems like I’m doing one of these a day now, so maybe I’ll draw back and post them a little less frequently.  We’ll see.

Executive Officer’s log: 2109-02-24

Castaneda has assumed command of the James K Polk after CPT Broadsky was killed and CDR Strathmore was critically injured.  She assumed the rank of Captain and promoted me from LTCDR to CDR and appointed me first officer.  I split my time between the bridge and sick-bay.

There are a few marines trained as medics that can handle anything minor that might occur.  But right now I have a critical patient and time spent away from him always makes me nervous.  He’s stable, but he’s brimming with synth-blood.  It’s game over if he gets an infection in that fake goop.

I’m not sure what to make of Castaneda.  She was injured by a mazer blast to the face, but it was only a graze and she’s resumed command after a brief recovery.  She bounced back fast, I’ll give her credit for that.  Still, when it hits the fan, and it’s going to, I wonder how she’ll hold up.

She better be solid, for all our sakes.
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