Jovian Shadows : Episode 15

A short 500 word segment that I had let slide last week.

“Captain,” Al-Aziz said, trepidation in his voice, “We’re getting a broadcast from the rebel leader.”

“Patch it though.”

The audio crackled and popped with the magnetic interference.  A voice broke through the noise.  “Earth ship James K Polk, you will stand down!”

Castaneda said, “This is Captain Heather Castaneda speaking on behalf of Westhem Home Office.  You are out-gunned.  That was only a warning shot.  You will surrender and return to station Europa 2 and await further instructions.”
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Jovian Shadows : Episode 11

It seems like I’m doing one of these a day now, so maybe I’ll draw back and post them a little less frequently.  We’ll see.

Executive Officer’s log: 2109-02-24

Castaneda has assumed command of the James K Polk after CPT Broadsky was killed and CDR Strathmore was critically injured.  She assumed the rank of Captain and promoted me from LTCDR to CDR and appointed me first officer.  I split my time between the bridge and sick-bay.

There are a few marines trained as medics that can handle anything minor that might occur.  But right now I have a critical patient and time spent away from him always makes me nervous.  He’s stable, but he’s brimming with synth-blood.  It’s game over if he gets an infection in that fake goop.

I’m not sure what to make of Castaneda.  She was injured by a mazer blast to the face, but it was only a graze and she’s resumed command after a brief recovery.  She bounced back fast, I’ll give her credit for that.  Still, when it hits the fan, and it’s going to, I wonder how she’ll hold up.

She better be solid, for all our sakes.
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Jovian Shadows : Episode 10

Part 10.  Cepheid gets some more lines…

Jones had strapped herself in to the chair in the low-g brig for the tumble.  The flying about the room was disconcerting enough- they didn’t allow any magboots for her- but when the whole universe is spinning around you, the sense of powerlessness is overwhelming.

She preferred the nausea to the existential horror.

The gentle, english-accented voice of the ship’s AI spoke to her.  “Corporal Jones, your vital signs are showing distress.”

Jones gripped on to her restraints.  “No shit.”

Cepheid said, “Do you require medical assistance?  I could provide a sedative and request Commander Doe’s attention.”

“I’m fine.”

“You know your own body best, Corporal,” said Cepheid.  The computer paused for a moment before saying, “Should I continue to use your rank?  I’m not sure that is appropriate considering your situation.  However, simply saying ‘Jones’ seems impersonal.  May I call you Gwendolyn?”

Jones couldn’t tell if it felt better to keep her eyes closed, or to stare at the dimly lit window in the door.  It was close to complete darkness in the brig, perhaps to simulate the vast emptiness she would experience just before her insides depressurized and her eyes boiled away in the vacuum of space.

Cepheid’s voice was at least a distraction.  “I can’t stop you.”
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Jovian Shadows : Episode 8

I would say it has been a busy Thanksgiving weekend, and to some extent it was, but I spent nearly all day sessile on the couch in front of various football games I cared nothing about.

So I have no excuse as to the forward progress of my novel. It’s fourth and inches.

Here’s something completely different- episode 8 of my #scifi exercise in progress…

Castaneda unlocked her door and walked into her room.

Jones was there, shoving laundry into the chute. Her side arm was on the table, next to a bloody radio.

The two women locked eyes and froze.

Jones dove for the weapon. Castaneda dove for Jones.

Castaneda launched into the now armed Jones, and the two fell to the bed, both wrestling for the weapon.

Jones twisted and slammed her elbow into Castaneda’s jaw, making the captain loosen her grip.

Castaneda let go of Jones’s hands and grabbed around her waist, wrestling her off the bed and onto the floor, neck first.

Jones aimed her weapon at Castaneda’s head, but her hand was blocked by the capitan’s forearm.

Castaneda punched Jones in the face with three quick jabs, splitting Jones’s lip.

Jones managed to get her feet under the captain and thrust, sending the smaller woman tumbling across the floor.

Castaneda jumped to her feet to see the weapon being held in front of her face.

Jones said, “Your move.”
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Jovian Shadows : Episode 7

Been slow in adding episodes with the holidays coming and multiple colds hitting me in the last month.  Hopefully I can power through and continue the series.


“What’s ole ‘one-eye’ here for,” Harmon said, “to sedate me in case it gets real?”

Commander Doe glanced at the sergeant with her good eye.  “Stow that shit, Harmon,” she said, “Or I will.”

“Easy, easy.”  Castaneda sat behind the desk in the ready room across from Doe and Harmon.  “Things are understandably tense right now, and I need both of you to focus.”  She turned to the doctor.  “We’re all going to be in roles we didn’t prepare for.”  She slid a small jewl box across the desk.  “I’m promoting you to full commander.  You’re the X-O now.”

Doe grabbed the box and tapped the desk like a nervous twitch.  “You’re sure about this?”

Castaneda said, “There isn’t anyone else.”

Harmon folded his arms.  “So how do I fit in to this little love fest?”

Castaneda faced the sergeant.  “I know why you’re acting up.  You and the marines hate this.  You’re scared.”

“What did you say?”  Harmon leaned forward in his chair, “You just crossed a line.”
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