I listen to podcasts

My phone, a Samsung Galaxy 2, (don’t get me started about how crappy the podcast software available for it is compared to the iPhone,) is laden with podcasts. With so much content out there, it’s nearly impossible to determine what to listen to. Somehow I’ve settled on these.

Geologic PodcastGeologic


A podcast about skepticism, atheism, music, and the religious moron of the week from professional musician George Hrab. Funny, personal, and intelligent, Hrab’s podcast is comforting in that it embraces critical thinking without losing his sense of humility or empathy. It’s an exceptionally well produced podcast as well.


Skeptic’s Guide to the UniverseSGU


I’ve listened to most if not all of the Skeptic’s Guide and have always found a lot of value in it, and have learned a lot about science and critical thinking. Steven Novella and crew have been at it for quite a while, and do a good job of talking about the latest science news with a critical eye. They react to news that’s both scientifically plausible, and the bizarre, and apply critical reasoning to each.


WTF Podcast with Marc MaronMarc Maron


“You know when you make popcorn there are always those fluffy white kernels that are fun and good to eat but there are also always those burnt, black kernels that don’t pop. You know why they don’t pop? Because they have integrity.”

“In most cases the only difference between depression and disappointment is your level of commitment.”

Marc Maron is an “alternative” comic who has revitalized his career and perhaps his life with a podcast. He does hour long interviews with people, mostly comedians but there are a few musicians thrown in the mix. He has great chemistry with nearly all the people he interviews, and has an impressive list of celebrities in his over 400 episodes of recording, including comedy legends like Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner. The latest 50 are available for free, after that you need to buy an app to stream them or get them from his site. I’m considering doing that, to catch up on some of my favorite comedians.


Live from the Laugh Factory with Dom IrreraDom Irrera


Another comedy legend, Dom Irrera, has a podcast– this one is just him and a comedian on stage in an empty theater talking about whatever comes to their minds. Irrera is not afraid to speak his mind about anything, and that honesty comes through clearly. It’s refreshing to hear someone say he doesn’t like another comedian or thinks someone is a stage hog.


The YogPodYogpod


It is generally believed and suggested multiple times in the YoGPoD by Lewis and Simon that listening to the podcast over long periods of time will lead you to becoming generally insane. The fact that you tuned into the YoGPoD shows your insanity and the more you listen to it the further you will lose yourself. Despite this theory, many continue to live amongst the common people.

The YogPod is Simon and Lewis from the Yogscast YouTube channel. They stopped making podcasts a while back, but have recently been uploading the Simple Simon interviews with various other YouTube gaming personalities.


The BugleThe Bugle


Since its birth in October 2007, John and Andy have dispensed their weekly doses of satire and bullshit to an estimated potential global audience of 7 billion people. They have left no political hot potato unbuttered, and have presided over, and/or caused, and/or commented on (delete according to preference) the downfall of several of the world’s least desirable despots and dinner companions.

The Bugle is my favorite podcast. John Oliver and his long time British comedy partner Andy Szaltzman get together via the Internet to record 30 minutes of unadulterated news bullshit. They take the headlines and comment upon them in their own pitch perfect sardonic ways.




I don’t really listen to Kevin Smith’s podcast anymore. I listened to most of them, then just fell off the Kevin Smith wagon. I might get back into it, but there are only so many hours of walking to and from public transit to listen to podcasts, and SmodCo got pushed to the back of the line. It’s still a great listen however.


Do any of you listen to podcasts on a regular basis? Which ones do you think are in the top 5 for you?

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