Jovian Shadows available for download

I made some downloadable versions of my science fiction story, “Jovian Shadows.”  The formatting is wonky, but it works.

There are consistency problems.  I labeled Europa Station as E-2 early in the book, and E-1 later.  I’m sure there are myriad other little problems.  This was a first draft intended as something fun I wanted to do.

If I ever want to do something serious with this story, I’ll likely keep the first draft available and sell the second, edited draft as a novel.

With that said, here’s the full story in three different formats.

Jovian Shadows - PDF  Jovian Shadows – Aaron C Engler – PDF

amazon  Jovian Shadows – Aaron C Engler – Kindle

epub    Jovian Shadows – Aaron C Engler – Epub


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