Flash Fiction #2

I entered a flash fiction contest on g+ for the Literary+ page.  Here is my second entry.  It was to be inspired by a photograph of an alleyway with a checkered street.

Wolf’s Veil

She agreed to the medication, because it meant she could get out, it
meant a chance for a normal life.


The word was almost a curse. It was certainly alien.

She did it to herself, they said. But only after the interrogations.
The tests for rape.

They wouldn’t believe her.

She did it to herself. Psychogenic Disorder.

The bruising, the scratches on her back, the bites on her neck, her
lost virginity- How did they explain that?

She did it to herself.

The truth was when the veil thinned, he came to her. He was rough,
primal, wild, like a beast devouring his prey.

She was his.

He said every time they joined, another brick in the road was laid,
another step between their worlds was complete. And soon, she could
leave and be with him.


Yet every time their joining ended and he retreated to his world, she
felt empty. There was deceit in his touch.

The veil had not lifted since she started the medication.

Until now.

The alley began to twist. The buildings loomed. His dark yellow
eyes, a hungry wolf’s glare, stared from the dark tunnel.

*You deny me.*

“I want it to stop.”

*You cannot hide your heart from me.*

“You lie to me.”

*You would be devoured if you came to my world.*

She fumbled for her pills. The lid popped, and several of the white
chalky tablets stumbled onto the cobblestone.

*One more joining and the bridge will be complete.*

“I can’t enter your world.”

*Once the bridge is complete… I can enter yours.*

She felt his truth, and it felt like ice against her heart, and tasted
of terror.

She held a single pill in the palm of her hand. Her sweat began to
rub the brand name clean.

*Give yourself to me… once more, my love. Then I will be with you,
and the whole world will know my truth.*

She closed her eyes.


She took the pill.

She opened her eyes. All that remained was the empty street, the
buildings, and the cold, gray sky.

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