The eighties fear

A friend had a thread on G+, (my preferred social network) in which one of the commenters mentioned growing up in the ’80s and the concomitant fear of nuclear  annihilation that hung over those of a certain age.

The movie “The Day After” was brought up.

I know I had seen at least some of it, but it was so long ago that I had little recall of any specific scenes. I remember catching a few scenes of another ’80s film called Threads, which I remember either being told it was too scary, or deciding myself I couldn’t watch it.

Those movies, and that time, had been buried by the concerns of today- work, the 5 year old and the associated sleep deprivation- all served to sever any connection to the blur of growing up under Reagan.

And that was fine by me. There was little good to remember that long ago.

But the seed had been planted.

I rediscovered Nukemap.

Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki

Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki

I fell down the rabbit hole of nuclear war information. I watched ’80s movies. I found The Day After on YouTube. The next day, I watched Threads. The War Game followed. I recently saw Countdown to Looking Glass. I have yet to see Testament.

I have some thoughts on those films, ones I will share when I get the chance.

Aside from those pleasant distractions, I’ve been working on editing the followup novel to The Wizard and the Rat called The Willow and the Flame. My editors are working on it now, and I’ve once more commissioned the talented Tracy McCusker to do the cover art.

I’m really excited about this novel. It has a very different feel to Wizard, and has a different sense of pacing and character. I’ll be sure to write more about that soon.

Until later,


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