Merry New Year!

Hello again!

I’ve not forgotten my blog, I’ve just been busy with the mundane things modern life requires to be done.

Merry New Year!


Sometimes I set a couple New Year’s goals. This year my goal is to have two new novels up at Amazon, “The Willow and the Flame,” which is complete and undergoing revision/review, and “Jovian Shadows,” the military sci-fi book- the first half of the first draft I posted here.

It’s ambitious, but I think it can be done.

Do you have any resolutions/New Year promises to yourself?

Did anyone get anything interesting for Christmas?

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are rather legendary for their bizarre imagery and butchered language designed to get past whatever feeble AI tries to prevent spam from propagating. Facebook also seems quite happy to accept money for ads from less than reputable sources.  For example:

Someone please tell me what’s going on here?

Man about to explode, staring pensively out a window.

Man about to explode, staring pensively out a window.


Even renderings of Cable never reached these proportions.


Head… shrinking… biceps… bulging!

If there was a plant that could do that to a human body, it would be the subject of a horror film, not lusted after by roid snorters. And how do you pronounce stéroïd anyway? I just don’t get it. This poor man with this horrific medical condition should be pitied. Well, he’s probably dead by now, since no heart could pump enough blood to keep those muscles alive. Either that, or he was so microcephalic as to be completely unaware of his deformity.

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to Photoshop.

There are also a lot of weird ads for “Men Only” games, which means… I don’t know, maybe there’s lots of naked digital breasts or something?  Beats me. But this one seems particularly odd:


Wartune! Destroy your enemies, and dress your dolls all pretty like!

Wartune? This is apparently a game where you dress up paper dolls in outfits such as bikinis and whatnot. Thank Zod someone actually looked into this for me so I could find out what the hell was going on.

Turns out, it’s an ad for a bad turn-based strategy game. Golly, how original. And for MEN ONLY!

Sometimes, there’s only one legitimate reaction: