Jovian Shadows : Episode 35

Chapter 35.  Not sure what to say about this one.  Things are falling apart and coming together at the same time.

“Do you find me appealing?”

She stood there naked, her raven hair flowing over her pale shoulders, framing her face. Her dark lips were parted in an almost taunting smile. She could have been carved from marble by Michaelangelo, a statue given life by a sinister power, its malevolent nature hinted at behind dark eyes.

Cepheid said, “Yes. I do.”

Lim’s voice was soothing, caressing, tempting. “I’m so glad you approve. I was hoping this form would be comfortable to your sense of aesthetics.” She stepped over to Cepheid and ran her fingers down his naked chest. Her smile grew even wider. “You shiver. Is it cold?”

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 34

I don’t even recall when Jones found out about Lim.  If I really want to make this into something good, I’m going to have to go back and start from the beginning to iron out the time line.  Ah well, first draft and all, and here you are, watching the magic happen!

The bulk of the population of the station had already armed themselves, and the rest were sent to reinforced bunkers. They patrolled the halls in groups of four, each team in constant contact with the others. There was no telling where the marines would try to board until the boarding pods were close to the station. The stations weapons were formidable, but worked best against larger targets than boarding pods, and it was certain that most of them would slip through.

But no boarding pods had yet launched from the FDR.

Redbeard had tried to call the FDR over and over, but his messages went unanswered. He waited in the command center with Chaudhuri, coordinating the response teams. “Now all we can do,” he said, “is wait.”

“When,” Chaudhuri said, “when can we expect them to launch the marines?”

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 33

It’s been a while since I’ve posted another episode.  I’m out of practice.

Hopefully it will be as good as the other entries.

Jones was flat on her back on the floor of her cell. Her stomach was in wavy knots from the shifting of gravity and lack of food and water.

She moaned. “Bullshit,” as she tried to sit up against the heavy weight of centripetal force. “I’m going to die in here.”

Lim’s voice shocked Jones like she had stumbled on an unshielded wire. “You should be proud of yourself, Human,” the grating, bass voice said, “your mission is a success. This ship is now in the hands of your rebellion.”

“Do you have to be so goddamn loud all the time?” Jones pressed her fingers to her temples. “Jesus.” She managed get up on her bunk, glad the architects thought to put it on the wall where it would be horizontal to the source of a station’s gravity while docked.

It began to dawn on her that Lim was right. Against all odds, and even being found out, she succeeded, with one of the ship’s engines unharmed. She never wanted Broadsky dead, but she knew the risks. She was willing to die to achieve her mission.

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 32

Action!  Explosions!  Excitement!  Enjoy!

Many of the floors in the spinning sections of the JKP would rotate 90 degrees when docked at a station, and the sick bay was no exception. It kept the floor the ‘floor’ while spinning around the axis of a station.

Strathmore and Castaneda didn’t realize this, however, and the combination of the slowing-to-a-stop spinning disks, the rotating room, and the docked ship revolving caused gravity to become confused and erratic.

The equipment in the sick bay was supposed to be locked down for this type of maneuver, but the officers had no idea about the procedures, and all manner of equipment slid around the floor and crashed against walls. Even the heavy operating table and body scanners fell over and slipped around like bumper-cars.

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 31

Things are starting to get even more interesting. “Science as we know it is about to change forever.”

Chaudhuri stopped outside the command center door. She looked at the gash in her hand, sustained from her earlier stunt. A thin line of chrome twinkled back at her. She kept glancing at it every few minutes since the injury, watching as it got fainter as her flesh started to sew itself together. She made a note to do a body scan on the first available opportunity. The station’s medical bay, while adequate, lacked the fine resolution scanners the Polk had.

She took a breath and walked in.

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