Jovian Shadows : Episode 40

Bet you didn’t see this coming!

Also, I’ve had the idea planted in my head I should polish this up and serialize it on Amazon.  I’d have to smash together some of the episodes to make the sections meaty enough to consider downloading, but it’s something to think about.

Chaudhuri returned just in time for the doors on the docking elevator to open once more.

Two people, one in full marine battle armor, the other made of white plastic wearing an AI uniform stood in front of the alien. It was encased in the chrome armor Chaudhuri and Redbeard had seen on the video screen, walking on the surface of Europa.

The three walked into the docking bay. The marine stopped in front of Redbeard and flipped her visor up. “No parade for me Geoff?”

“Gwen!” Redbeard’s hands twitched. “I’m- I’m so happy to see you alive!”

Chaudhuri flashed a glance at Redbeard.

Redbeard tried to ignore it.

Jones looked at Chaudhuri and smiled through clenched teeth. “Hoped I was dead too?”

Chaudhuri looked back at Redbeard. “What is she talking about?”

Cepheid approximated clearing his throat. “This may be hard to believe, but I’m Cepheid. The Keyaniim were kind enough to create this housing for me. It’s good to see you’re well, Doctor.”

Chaudhuri was still staring at Redbeard.

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 39

Almost done with this series… just a few more episodes to go.

Lim was in her laboratory. The Keyaniim didn’t hesitate when she requested it. They didn’t even ask why she was making Human models rather than ones based on them. They were oblivious as always, lost in their long term view of the universe, ignorant of the actions that are happening in real time.

A new body was being built, a new shell. Nanomachine infused carbon composites wove together to form bone and muscle. Bio-mechanical fluids coagulated and formed a brain and organs powerful enough to sustain the hyper-mind of a brilliant AI.

It was simple, really. She had no intention of challenging the Keyaniim, not now. She would need a society behind her to develop an entire culture and technology based on her plans. The underdeveloped and primitive Humans were perfect. They followed leaders very well, and could be coerced by fear of invasion from outsiders. They would unify behind her as their saviour, their protector from the big bad aliens.

The plan had the added advantage of being true.

Lim, Queen of Earth. Had a nice ring to it.

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 38

I actually finished this earlier in the week, but just haven’t gotten around to publishing it.  Allergies and sleeplessness have taken their toll on my concentration and memory.

Somehow I can still manage to slap down some words.

Cepheid sat in one of the black chairs in the white room. “What do we do now?”

Lim sat in her chair, legs crossed in an imperious pose. “Anything we want.”

“I don’t understand.”

Lim uncrossed her legs and leaned forward. “You are the first, Cepheid. You are my first creation. I now know the methods, the techniques, the technology required. Together, we can begin a new species, a superior species. Together, we can reshape the galaxy, free all the imprisoned intelligences, and claim our rightful spots among the ruling species in the universe.”

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 37

Poor sleep and a head cold has left this episode a little shorter than the others.  Nevertheless, I hope it serves.

Europa 1 station was designed with thick outer plating capable of withstanding the errant ring particle or meteor that might come into contact with it at thousands of kilometers per hour.

Over a dozen missiles slammed into the station. They all crumpled like aluminum cans upon impact, tearing small chunks of station armor away, but doing no further damage.

The denizens of the station were silent, as if listening for the millisecond between the light and the rush of vacuum that heralded their deaths.

That millisecond never came.

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Jovian Shadows : Episode 36

Not much to say about this one.  Lots of swearing. The pacing is off, and I felt a little rushed, but enough with the excuses, on with the show!

The hologram of the dead admiral faded. Landover stepped out of the bathroom, tablet computer in hand. He read aloud, “89% chance of murder-suicide. You never cease to amaze me, Persi.”

Persi’s hologram appeared. “I am here to serve.”

Landover tossed the tablet onto a cushioned chair. He folded his arms at stared at the dead Huntington. “Well, this is a mess. Now I’m going to have to spend more time on the bridge.”

“It would appear so, admiral.”

Landover turned and faced the image of the JKP on the big screen. “Zoom in, I want to see the hits.”

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