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My name is Aaron C. Engler.  I’m the author of the soon-to-be self-published novel, “The Wizard and the Rat.

A little about myself:  I was born in May, and so for a long time thought of myself as doggedly determined, stubbon, and loyal, as any follower of Astrology would tell you.  I was born a Taurus, and until recently, that’s how I identified.

Until they added a thirteenth constellation, Ophiuchus, (I defy you to pronounce that correctly) and I found myself downgraded to a Ram.

Oh snap!  Take that April babies!  BURNSAUCE!

And if you believe that, I also have some homeopathic tiger repellant to sell you.

(Does that mean the tigers are homeopathic?  If you don’t see them, are they infinitely powerful?  The mind boggles.)

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